Saturday, September 6, 2008

MORE shopping?

It's official; I shouldn't be able to leave the house. I went to the mall to get my friends homecoming dress, and I end up going and dropping 55$ on stuff, haha. The brown, skinny cords were orriginally $44.50, but I had $20 off, so I got them for $24.50. The sweaters were both $7.50, and look sooo much better IRL. The jeans were only $12.50. These are just to wear with boots, because my other skinny jeans are huge on my calves, so they look funny!

Whaddya think!?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mores shopping?

Yep! Well, kinda. My cousin (Jenna, two years older than I am) gave me these tops! One is gray and has dinos on it, the other is a blue sweater vest type thing, and the other is a top with soda can things on it. I got the two scarfs at the State Fair; 1 for $15, or 2 for $25, I obviously went for the two ;) The brownish scarf is hard to photograph, because of the gold throughout the scarf, it also has a bunch of different colors throughout, it's sooo gorgeous! Whatcha think?!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

More shopping?!

Yes. I went shopping, yet again. Two days in a row actually. Whenever me and my cousin are together, all we do is shop, it seems. She is sixteen, so she can drive us wherever. First, we went to Delias, and I got two basic tees for 5$ each. They were originally 16.50$ a piece. Here they are:

And they're super comfy! Than, the next day I went to TJMaxx, and dropped $45 on this stuff, and a sports bra.

The swimsuit was $5 a piece, the sweaters both $14.99, and the tank was $3. The sports bra was $2.99! So it was great!

Than my cousin also gave me some stuff. I got three tops from Delias, and a pair of dark wash flare jeans that fit be beautifully!

Like my stuff?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Back to school shopping time! I went today with two of my best girlfriends, and it was amazing! We had a long day of shopping, and for the last hour we went to Bloomingdales and tried on Homecoming dresses, since it's our first! It was soo fun! This is what I got:

The teal top is from Forever21, and was $19.80. It's gorgeous, and will look great with dark wash skinny jeans and some chestnut uggs!

The pink top is from Delias, and was originally 29.90, but I spent 19.90, since I had a 10$ off coupon!

The top is from UO, and was $9.99, and was originally $38. It's sooo pretty!

The bag is just for class to class to hold my binders and pencils, and itw as $10 from VS.

The tank was free and I got it at Wetseal!

The cardigan was $40, but I had a 20$ gift card, so I only paid $20! And I love it!

What do you think?!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


I've found a new love; boots. I really like UGGS, but don't own any. I might be asking for some for christmas -- good investment, or no? Think they'll be out of style soon? Where I live, half the year is winter. October, November, December, January, February, March, and finally in April it starts to get nice again. Every winter I'm sitting here wearing ballet flats from Target. Comfy, yes. Practical with the snow, not so much. So now I'm on the lookout for cute, wintery shoes, so I won't be wearing my flats all winter long. Here's my list as of now:

- sweater boots
- mocassins
- Uggs/ugg looking boots

Last year, Oldnavy has some gorgeous sweaterboots, that were perfect in every way. Target has some really cute mocassins as well! And Uggs... not so sure right now! So, answer my questions pleasee!!

Stay Fashionable,

EDIT: I found a few pair's of shoes that I'm interested in! The boots would be in a chocolate color! Whaddya think?!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

New Clothes!

I went shopping yesterday, for a few basics, and a few cute shirts! Here's what I got:

The blue shirt looks a lot better on, and I got it on clearance from AE woot! I also got a free tshirt there for trying on jeans, good for sleeping.

The black shirt also looks better on, and was also on clearance.

The white sweatshirt is something I needed for my lazy days, again on clearance.

I went to Plato's closet and got the HCO jeans, that are amazing. They were only $18.00 too! There a bit long, so I have to hem them, but I don't care, there gorgeous, and exactly what I needed I also got a white henley from AE there, for $5. Again, basic, but I needed it.

I also got this green sweatshirt from the Dear line, for only 8.98. I had bought these patches from VS right before that (so I could get a free makeup bag for camp) and there iron on, so I'm going to iron them on, and it'll look like a sweatshirt from VS, woot! also for lazy days.

Only 70$ for all that, which I think is pretty good. Now, I'm going shopping next month, and I'll get all my interesting clothing :)

Comment, and tell me what you think pleasseee!

Stay Fashionable,

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fall Wishlist (so far)

Yes, it's still July, but I am already lusting over fall clothing :)

I want...

- a peacoat or trench (in a wool)
- thick tights
- cardigans in neutral colors
- orangey-red cardigan from AE
- dark wash flare jeans
- sweater boots

I'll be editing later once I find more things I want :)

Oh! And my blog got a makeover! Like it?